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Eating at home while on the computer can become a habit. The combination of eating while working can create an opportunity for your computer workstation keyboard and household remote control to become very messy. I think we can all agree that our computer, laptop and tablet keyboards could use a good cleaning sometime.

On top of that, ever reach for the remote at home while on your nice sofa or loveseat and find the remote all yucky and dirty. YEP, happens all the time at my place. Especially after the grandkids have spent an absolutely wonderful weekend with us. Chips, cheezies; you never know what you will find between the remote control buttons. All of our keyboards could use a good cleaning and sanitizing after those visits.

Computer and remote control keyboards are part of our every day lives. We share them quite often allowing the spread of unwanted dirt and germs from one person to another in a seemingly unoticible way. We should all take extra measure to help stop the spread of germs by way of common places.


The laptop, cell phones and home computers at our place constantly being used. All of their keyboards aquiring dirt and germs on a daily basis. That is why we recommend using the Keyboard-Kleaner as a regular part of your home hygiene routines. The Keyboard-Kleaner is a product that will keep your computer keyboards dirt and grime free. Non-toxic, environmentally friendly, disposable and most of all a do-it-yourself product. Safe for home, school or office.

The Keyboard-Kleaner will clean, sanitize and restore the appearance of your computer. The Keyboard-Kleaner also works great on cell phones.

Check it out here.

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Keyboard-Kleaner is a one-time-use, disposable, keyboard cleaning wipe. We also provide a microfiber cleaning cloth for keyboard workstation cleaning.

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