Shared keyboards in the library

Germs everywhere

The amount of germs per square inch on the exterior surface of shared keyboards in the library is amazing. Surfaces commonly used by teachers and librarians like phones and keyboards have the most bacteria per square inch. The amount of germs on shared library keyboards is nearly ten times more than other professions. Reports show “The number of bacteria or germs found on each surface is thought to be directly related to item usage and cleaning practices”. In places like libraries and schools, teachers’ work items are commonly shared between staff, students and the general public. This study shows there is a definite need for effective and preventative cleaning protocols.


Whether they are dedicated use or shared, headsets should be cleaned frequently. Shared headsets have removable ear components that are dedicated for each user. Ear infections are a common ailment for headset users. Clean headsets weekly or as often as needed. Use soap and water. Do not share foam cushions. Replace ear cushions as per the manufacturer’s instructions.


Clean your keyboard weekly. Keep all food and drink away from the keyboard area. Turn the keyboard upside down and gently shake out any particles. Using a cotton swab dipped in alcohol, or a slightly damp cloth with soap and water, clean the sides and tops of the keys. Do not spray anything on them. Use a soft cotton cloth, with a little rubbing alcohol, if needed. Clean your mouse monthly. If there is a ball, remove it. Using a clean cloth dipped in alcohol or slightly damp with soap and water, rub the outside surfaces clean. Only clean the exterior of the computer case. Use a soft cloth and rubbing alcohol. The Keyboard-Kleaner will clean and sanitize your computer keyboard and mouse.

Phones and hand-held devices

The hazard most associated with these devices is potential hearing impairment people rarely think of hazards associated with cleanliness. Yet, these are the most used and shared of all work equipment. General cleaning for dust, dirt and stickiness is simple: Gentle rubbing with a clean cloth and water.

Cleaning and disinfecting

For a more thorough disinfecting, especially for shared equipment, use rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab weekly. In addition, try to clean keyboards regularly when shared. Maintain workplace computers and other devices on-site. Direct contact with dirty and contaminated workstations is common in workplaces. The Keyboard-Kleaner will clean and sanitize your workstation keyboard.

Workplace cleaning practices

Clean regularly touched items such as workstation tools before and after use. Clean tools often. Some companies have gone as far as to conduct meetings outdoors. Increase space by staggering lunch breaks and using sanitizing gels and masks to avoid droplet spread. In addition, stay 2 metres apart while working to ensure there is enough space between people. Open doors and windows to let in more fresh air in. Try to get fresh air by going outside during breaks.

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