Workplace hygiene

Workplace hygiene is so very important today. If you share a computer, or if you use public computers such as in a library, your computer keyboard and mouse are places where dirt, oil and germs can collect. In addition to potentially harmful germs, you could also be leaving stuff on your computer that affects the overall worplace hygiene in your office.

Dirty keyboard
Eating on the go

Eating at your desk is practically begging for bacteria growth. Clean your desk before and after you eat. Using antibacterial wipes that kill germs is a great practice. You can start the routine of eliminating this debris by turning your keyboard upside down every so often and shaking it. Just make sure you shut it down first. You will be surprised at how much dirt and debris will fall out.

Shake it off

Not everything that falls in the cracks of your computer keyboard can be removed with a feather duster or vigorous shaking. The oils from your fingers can get on everything you touch, including your keys. Splatters of sugary drinks or other sticky liquids can also fall on the surface as well as in the cracks between keys.

Break the chain
Regular regime

Wipe the surface of your computer with a lint-free cloth that’s slightly dampened (not dripping). If you’re using a laptop, be sure to shut it off first. Though you could use water to dampen the cloth, it won’t cut the dirt and grease, and it won’t kill the germs. 

Clean my keyboard

You can get good results using a 75-25 mixture of isopropyl alcohol and water. Though the alcohol is also an antiseptic, it may not kill all the germs. To kill more germs, use an antibacterial household surface cleaner after you’ve removed the grimy stuff.

Need to go deeper? You can use cotton swabs damped with isopropyl alcohol to get into tight spaces between and under keys. Be careful doing this, though: disconnect the keyboard.

Shared workstation

Sharing phones, desks, and office implements puts germs on the fast track for spreading! Be aware that the more people who share a workstation, the more germs can likely be found there. There are a surprising number of workers who admit to never cleaning their desks. When it comes to workplace hygiene, if you don’t have to share, don’t. Don’t use your coworkers’ computers or phones, or sit at their desks, unless you have to. If you absolutely must, be sure to wash your hands before and after. Get started cleaning that keyboard now!

Workplace hygiene
Continued workplace hygiene

At the end of the day, having a tidy desk with less clutter will ultimately help improve workplace hygiene. A desk with less on it will be easier to clean properly. Having less clutter is linked to better focus. Regardless, practice the pro tips above to ensure that your desk is hygienic and provides a healthy and safe place to work!

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