About Keyboard-Kleaner

Made for Canada

The Keyboard-Kleaner offers a way to break the chain of cross-contamination by removing the dirt and germs from coughs and sneezes found on computer keyboards today. Dirty keyboards are the main way that illnesses like colds and flues spread from one person to another in the workplace and at home.

Our company Keyboard-Kleaner  sells a disposable cleaning wipe. Take extra measures to help reduce the spread of dirt and germs from one person to another by way of unclean computer keyboards.      

The Product

Individuals working in high paced institutions like banks, schools, clinics, hospitals, clinics can use the Keyboard-Kleaner on a regular basis to reduce the spread of dirt and germs and also increase the level of workplace hygeine.

The Keyboard-Kleaner is a do-it-yourself cleaning wipe designed for cleaning computer keyboard exteriors. We market this product under the “Clean my keyboard” campaign.

Cleaning and sanitizing your computer keyboard with these non-woven, individually foil wrapped – 75% medical grade ethyl alchohol towels is a highly effective way to sanitize your keyboard’s outer surface.

The Concept

The Keyboard-Kleaner product helps remove germs from coughs and sneezes on shared computer keyboards. Use the Keyboard-Kleaner product at home, school and workplace.